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Juniper Gets Wet is the story of a bold young girl who's not content to veg-out in front of the TV with her brothers and sisters on a rainy day. Instead, she uses her imagination to sail away on an amazing adventure that includes submerged cities, dolphins, treasure and (of course) a princess.

The book is the creation of two dads who met around a kiddie pool in Athens, Georgia, during the rainy summer of 2013. It's dedicated to their bold and adventurous daughters, Lucille and Clarice.


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Yes, I would say that it's brilliant. ~ Lucille





 It's a real page-turner. ~ Clarice




Not sure if your child will like the story?

Check out the video version, narrated by the author.

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juniper gets wet book and packaging
32-page hardcover (for ages 2-10)

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