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The regular articles on Boss Parent share  fundamental knowledge needed to understand and respond to children's behavior effectively.

While you're absorbing that knowledge, I'll give you 7 proven, GAME-CHANGING TIPS you can start using today for smoother interactions with your children.

  • How to inspire more cooperation from children

  • An amazing system that ends sharing disputes

  • Scripts that work in tough situations

  • How to train a safety response in kids

  • A simple way to bring positivity to interactions

  • What child care professionals know about "toy rotation"

  • Why rehearsals bring out the best in children

  • Joy Sims, Board Certified Behavior Analyst
    Lisa knows and practices sound principles related to behavior change and instruction. She is a dedicated professional who has a passion for children.
    Joy Sims, Board Certified Behavior Analyst
  • Karen H., parent
    Lisa was also an excellent communicator with us as parents–encouraging, yet realistic.
    Karen H., parent
  • Lisa King, Boss Parent Co-founder
    The Boss Parent Tips course consists of 7 QUICK LESSONS.
    Lisa King, Boss Parent Co-founder

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  • Jen Fleece, parent
    Lisa uses humor, a deep sense of belief in each child, and a laid back approach to make kids feel comfortable and confident.
    Jen Fleece, parent
  • Chris Walker, School Administrator
    [Lisa's] knowledge of both typical and atypical child development is second to none.
    Chris Walker, School Administrator
  • Lisa gave me hope at a very confusing time for our family. She is a wonderful person and teacher.
    Shannon York, parent

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